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Quality Interior Shutters in London

The Blind And Drapery Company offers interior shutters in London that are crafted with precision to fit any window space. Every shutter that we source is made from one of the finest materials. You can select from a variety of painted options such as:

Wood shutters that can be stained to showcase their natural look.

Gear system shutters

Polysatin shutters

Tilt-bar system shutters

Woodalloy shutters

Polysatin Shutter

Polysatin Shutter

Tropics® – Gear System Shuttersions

The Tropics® is known for its innovative design where the gear operating system is minus the tilt bar that is found in most conventional shutters. It is one of the finest choices because it provides a clear view due to its sleek lines and smooth operations. These shutters are easily opened with a touch of a finger.

Maintenance-free Seaview® Tilt-bar System Shutters

Seaview® shutters provide a classic look and are maintenance-free. The front centre of the shutter comes with a tilt bar and also has options including:

Front hinge side (inset by ½”)

Rear hinge side (inset by ½”)

Additional 7/8” clearance which is required for rear hinge side application.

We use a smooth Duralux® finish to clean the shutters effortlessly. It is also ideal to clean kitchen splashes. Make sure you regularly clean the shutters to enhance the surface finish of the Polysatin® compounds. In case your shutters are in high-traffic areas, all you need is water and a mild soap to remove many types of stains. To clean the louvers, tilt them almost all the way up and down to clean all sides. Not fully closing the louvers in either direction can help clean where the louvers overlap.


Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutter

Offering a leading-edge design and using advanced engineering technology, Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutter offers the look of real wood and a uniform colour. They are ideal for today’s busy lifestyle because they are scratch resistant, durable and are known for their outstanding performance and strength. Adding Grandeur® to your home is an ideal way to make your windows a prominent element. 

You will see that the possibilities are endless with a wide range of louver sizes, frame styles, colour selections and panel configurations. All shutters are available in wood tone colors that create a sense of depth and provide a wood-like look to blend with your fine furniture. You can also choose from soft tone colours to complement and enhance any décor. For further information, please feel free to contact us or view our flyer .

An Extra Touch of Luxury

Choose from our custom range of handcrafted shutters that offer the ideal solution for privacy without compromise on daylight.

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